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In just one workshop the student will learn and practice all the techniques that are required to produce the chosen painting. First the teacher demonstrates those techniques and then, with close and full support from him, the student will practice the very same techniques in his or her own canvas and discover that all of them are incredibly simple to reproduce.

No previous experience is required!

  • Workshops are individual or with a maximum of 8 students;  

  • Above all, the student enjoys a very special and relaxing day, in a friendly, peaceful environment, one that promotes an incredible creative inspiration attitude;

  • The student will not have to bring anything else but him or herself. The school provides for all needed materials, and tea / coffee breaks;

  • You can choose the painting or send as an image of what you want to paint;

Cost and duration

The workshop lasts for a maximum of 6 hours.

The cost is 50 per student, all materials included.


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Bob Ross Tech

Painting classes

Do you want to improve your clouds? Do you wish to perfect your trees or mountain painting? Bob Ross Tech is your best choice.

Bob Ross Tech goal is to provide students with a deep understaind and practice of specific painting techniques that can improve your paintings. Our teacher is Bob Ross certified, we seek to maintain very small groups, under 8 students, in order to keep a close attention to each individual needs.

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