Imagine: we'll help create.

If art is life, paint your dreams. 

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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You start off with an empty canvas

We promote creative freedom.

Whatever you imagine, we'll help you create.

We offer the colors

A world of color that will change your life.

We'll bewitch your heart

Such a mindfullness exercise has to be good for your health..


Student's gallery

Our students are the stars..

Animals, landscapes or flowers, everything inspires an artist

Each painting, a story

An idea, whatever you appreciate in life, that litle thing that surprises you; we all have a story we can share..

Everyone can paint !

Join us, paint like you always dreamed of, come and paint with me.

The joy of painting

The most badly concealed secret ever: Painting is so easy! 

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My name is Joao, I am an accredited instrutor for Bob Ross Incorporated

It is my mission to help you create paintings that will surprise you and your friends.

I believe that art is not reserved for the elect, it does not require a special vocation, hard work or sacrifice.

We can all paint amazingly!

In just one day.

Feel the "click" with just a little help ... let the magic come!

This is Bob Ross's legacy: a method that simplifies oil painting, making it accessible to anyone, allowing for the discovery of the artist in each of us